Western Province Shipping and Marine Services

Western Province Marine & Logistics Services

Our Western Province shipping service is trusted by government institutions as well as businesses in the telecommunications, mining and building sectors as we have developed a sound reputation for delivering when it counts. Below is an overview of the services we provide.

Shipping to Western Province

Our Western Province shipping & marine service ranges from the most basic to the most advanced. We have a robust fleet to cater to meet the most demanding clients, and our solutions extend to salvage operations and mobile communications maintenance anywhere in the province.

Shipping from Western Province

Our marine services are applicable whether you’re shipping to or from West Province, as we have made it our business to make certain that your cargo arrives in time and that you don’t pay more than you have to. If your business requires shipping to or from West Province PNG, we’ll be there to help.

Western Province Logistics

We know that logistics plays an important role in marine services and that’s why we make it our priority. Part of our marine logistics solutions includes strategies for transporting equipment and cargo securely, supplies for construction and general cargo.

Western Province Cargo

We also specialize in general cargo handling and transport to and from West Province, and our experience in the management of different types of cargo means we’re more than capable of dealing with large and complex placements and requests.

Western Province Telecommunications Towers

Building Western Province mobile towers are among our areas of expertise, and we have years of experience constructing communications towers and related buildings. Our highly trained personnel however, can do more as they are trained in electrical system configuration and related services.

Maintenance of Telecommunication Towers at Western Province

Our company also is well-known throughout Papua New Guinea for maintaining the Digicel Towers since 2008, but we also provide maintenance services for other communication centers in and around West Province, and our people can perform repairs under difficult conditions.

Logistics and Construction of Telecommunication Towers at Western Province

Our Western Province communications logistics and construction projects cover everything from the most fundamental to the most advanced. Part of our solutions includes all kinds of communications maintenance, clearance, labor and related services, providing assurance that you will get your money’s worth.

Western Province Marine Services

Our marine service for West Province covers the most significant aspects of shipping such as provisions for oil and fuel, essential supplies, helicopter slinging, navigation aids maintenance, construction of communications infrastructure and more.

Western Province Towing & Salvage Services

No professional marine service worth its salt will be without salvage and towing services, and that’s what we’re offering here. Our fleet is more than ready to tow different types of vessels and take part in various salvage services as well, and this only underscores our commitment to serving our clients the best way possible.

Contact Us for your Shipping, Marine & Logistics Needs

Our company was formed with one thing in mind, and that is to provide the best and most cost effective marine service for West Province, Papua New Guinea possible. If you’re interested in fast and reliable shipping services, contact us right now.