West New Britain Shipping and Marine Services

West New Britain Marine & Logistics Services

Our West New Britain shipping service caters to the government, agriculture, mining and telecommunications industries, and we offer several specialized services.

Shipping to West New Britain

Our West New Britain shipping & marine service includes logistics, maintenance and telecommunications, ensuring all your shipping needs are met and matched.

Shipping from West New Britain

We also ship from West New Britain, so if your business requires transporting equipment back and forth, our team of experts and personnel will provide the assistance you need anytime.

West New Britain Logistics

We pride ourselves in our logistics service, as we offer supplies, fuel and other essentials, and we also offer expert assistance for safe handling of your equipment in West New Britain. Our logistics program also includes full mobilization of equipment and personnel as needed, and no matter what the situation is, our team is ready to provide assistance 24/7.

West New Britain Cargo

Our cargo service is one of the most extensive in West New Britain, and we continuously upgrade our cargo service to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Apart from general cargo, we also offer special services for clients.

West New Britain Telecommunications Towers

We also specialize in West New Britain mobile towers setup, and we can assist in the development of similar units as well as installation of electrical apparatus, oil services and more.

Maintenance of Telecommunication Towers at West New Britain

We are currently maintaining several mobile towers in West New Britain as well as other important locations throughout PNG. Our team is well versed in the handling of different communications towers in under diverse conditions.

Logistics and Construction of Telecommunication Towers at West New Britain

Aside from our West New Britain communications services, we also offer a detailed set of construction services including but not limited to layering of concrete, drain systems, local labor management and building of structures and infrastructure related to mobile communications.

West New Britain Marine Services

Our marine services at West New Britain cover all the essentials. Besides general cargo, we also specialize in emergency response, maintenance of critical power components and we also cater to other maritime services.

West New Britain Towing & Salvage Services

We know that our clients need a wide array of services and that includes salvage and towing. To ensure we’re capable of handling this, we have upgraded our fleet so whether it’s a barge or another type of vessel, we’ll be more than ready to deal with it. Furthermore, our crew is trained in this matter and can handle the demands of clients in West New Britain.

Contact Us for your Shipping, Marine & Logistics needs

Shipping demands in and around West New Britain are higher than ever, and with competition being what it is, you need nothing less than the best marine and shipping service to stay ahead. We can help you in this regard so just give us a call and we’ll work together with you in achieving your goals.