Maintenance of telecommunication towers

RAMS has been maintaining telecommunication towers for Digicel since 2008 with our existing contract in place until 2019. We currently maintain several hundred towers throughout the mainland coast from Morobe to Western Province and the islands from West New Britain to New Ireland. This maintenance assists Digicel with keeping the network up and running. Works we undertake to maintain these towers includes refueling and maintenance of generators and electrical equipment and emergency response. We have implemented a 24 hour call centre to meet the needs of Digicel.

Logistics and construction of telecommunication towers

RAMS first constructed telecommunication towers for Telecom in 2006. Since then we have constructed over 50 towers for Telecom, Digicel and Erikksons in West and East New Britain and New Ireland. For much of this construction our fleet has also provided the logistics services for the tower equipment and construction material and has included working in collaboration with helicopter companies to transport the equipment from our vessels and barges to the sites. Currently, we are delivering and constructing towers in Manus, New Britain Provinces, New Ireland and New Hanover and Milne Bay.