Papua New Guinea Shipping and Marine Services

Papua New Guinea Marine & Logistics Services

We specialize in shipping services throughout PNG and offer a wide range of logistics and maritime services. More information is provided below.

Shipping to Papua New Guinea

Our Papua New Guinea shipping services extend to the major locations in PNG, and we are not just limited to basic shipping as we also handle logistics, towing and more.

Shipping from Papua New Guinea

We don’t just ship to PNG but from it as well and offer quality services at competitive prices. If you’re in PNG and need to transport some equipment or cargo to another location, our fleet and other services can help.

Papua New Guinea Logistics

Our PNG logistics service includes oil and fuel, building supplies and more. We also offer services for safely hauling your gear in Papua New Guinea. Furthermore, our logistics service includes general cargo, passengers for New Ireland, East and West New Britain and helicopter slinging.

Papua New Guinea Cargo

We have a comprehensive cargo service that caters to different needs, and we have a fleet to handle these. Our years of experience have enabled us to play a major role in PNG maritime shipping, and we have developed a solid reputation in the industry. We also offer our clients a complete parts and tools inventory for maintenance equipment.

Papua New Guinea Telecommunications Towers

We can also help with construction and development of PNG mobile towers communications towers and similar structures. In addition, our team of experts is trained in the installation of telecommunications electrical systems. In addition our team is also capable of handling refueling, emergency tower maintenance and other services.

Maintenance of Telecommunication Towers at Papua New Guinea

Our company has been doing maintenance work for Digicel Towers since 2008 and also across the mainland. Furthermore our experts are capable of maintaining these services even in the most difficult environments. Aside from Digicel we currently maintain towers all across West New Britain, Western Province, New Ireland and Morobe.

Logistics and Construction of Telecommunication Towers at Papua New Guinea

Our construction projects include emergency response, electric equipment management and generator maintenance. Our construction services include concrete laying, clearance, hiring local labor, drainage and more.

Papua New Guinea Marine Services

Our Papua New Guinea shipping & marine services are handled by professionals, and we have a wide range of dumb barges, landing barges and assorted vessels and boats to handle different maritime needs. Our maritime services also includes fuel provision, personnel and equipment mobilization as part of our logistics program, and our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Papua New Guinea Towing & Salvage Services

Our company also offers towing and salvage services, as our fleet has the power and resources necessary to handle barges and tugs. Part of our service includes a 24 hour hotline our clients can use for urgent inquiries and other needs.

Contact us for your Shipping, Marine & Logistics Needs

For all your shipping needs to and from PNG, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you.