New Ireland Shipping and Marine Services

New Ireland Marine & Logistics Services

Our New Ireland shipping service is widely acknowledged as one of the best, and we provide a comprehensive set of solutions for marine services, mobile tower maintenance, cargo and more.

Shipping to New Ireland

Our New Ireland shipping & marine solutions span the entire area and include all the major services that those in the telecommunications, agriculture, building and other industries need. With us you’re assured of the best service possible at the right price.

Shipping from New Ireland

Our high quality service goes both ways, as we also provide shipping services from New Ireland. Whichever you avail of or both, you’re certain of receiving the same level of commitment and support. If your enterprise requires the transportation of cargo or other materials, our company will be there to help and provide the logistics.

New Ireland Logistics

Throughout PNG we have established a sophisticated level of logistics support, and it is no different in New Ireland. Our logistics service here includes helicopter slinging, refueling, oil, supplies, construction of communications towers and more. Our team of experts offers strategic solutions for securely moving your equipment anywhere in New Ireland.

New Ireland Cargo

Our comprehensive cargo service was established specifically for meeting the demands of our clients in ­various industries. Currently we have a large fleet so we’re more than ready to cope with their requirements, plus our inventory of tools and components ensures that we’re always ready to go.

New Ireland Telecommunications Towers

New Ireland mobile towers is one of our specialties, and part of our solutions service is the setting up of these towers, and our personnel also takes care of electrical system installation in communications centers and other services.

Maintenance of Telecommunication Towers at New Ireland

We are the proud maintenance providers of Digicel Towers in PNG since 2008, and we are also in charge of several hundred mobile towers around New Ireland, and part of the reason for our success is the quality maintenance service we provide.

Logistics and Construction of Telecommunication Towers at New Ireland

Our New Ireland communications and logistics service are comprehensive and covers all the major critical components like maintenance of generators, mobilization of equipment and personnel, hire labor, layering of the concrete and drainage.

New Ireland Marine Services

Our company is well aware that our clients have an assortment of needs as far marine services are concerned, and that’s why our fleet consists of several top of the line barges, landing crafts, passenger vessels and more.

New Ireland Towing & Salvage Services

Part of our service includes salvage and towing operations, and wherever you are in New Ireland, we’ll be more than glad to give you a hand in this operation.

Contact Us for your Shipping, Marine & Logistics Needs

Our clients can avail of our hotline 24/7, so whether it’s an emergency or just want to make an inquiry we’re available. So if you want to avail of our services and make your marine and shipping endeavors easier, call us now and let’s talk.