Organisation Capability

RAMS management of our PNG based operations are centered in two regional locations in Papua New Guinea, and not a foreign business centre. This removes the bureaucracy, and allows it to remain focussed on delivering and achieving results. The absence of foreign corporate management also allows us to be flexible and adaptable, to meet our customers ever changing needs.

The capability model adopted by the company is a dynamic one. This allows us the freedom to look at achieving outcome focussed goals with the client, or another way, a qualitative value outcome.

Using this approach, our organizational management capability operates in a dynamic environment, where when client function / outputs change, this then filters through to the KPI for individual officers within the business, across our entire quality assurance system.

Focussing on what this looks like in our management capability, we break this down into 4 areas:

  1. People – The Management Team.
  2. Services:
    • Project Management.
    • Project Delivery.
    • Asset Management and.
    • Logistics and Shipping Management.
    • Telecommunications
    • Energy (specialising in Solar and Off-Grid Power Systems)
  3.  Managerial Systems.
  4. Skills and Knowledge.
  5. Values and Norms.

Project Management Services and Capability

As part of our Organisational Managerial Capability Framework, we hold the core technical capability to a high standard for project management services that we offer.


The Company performs numerous functions within Project and Development management. The following list highlights a sample of these services and demonstrates our expertise:


  • Project brief development;
  • Project Management Plan preparation;
  • Risk management facilitation;
  • Procurement of suitable sub contractors and suppliers;
  • Contract administration;
  • Project quality monitoring;
  • Defect rectification;
  • Handover and occupation.

Project Delivery Management Services and Capability

Working in Papua New Guinea, the delivery of projects is a big risk. We have the proven experience, knowledge, capability and infrastructure underpinning our organisation to consistently delivery project delivery services in Papua New Guinea.


Our capabilities include:


  • Coordination, engagement, stakeholder management and operational support;
  • Mobilization of personnel and equipment to the site (refer to logistics services);
  • Site surveys;
  • Regionally located and constantly operating shipping services, that are integrated within our business, reducing reliance on external shipping providers;
  • Technically trained staff, in a range of areas related to logistics, construction, telecommunications and ICT and off grid power systems (solar, battery, generator);
  • Procurement of goods and services;
  • Deployed regional staff in each province to support in general labour and manual task delivery;
  • Plant and equipment either already deployed in regional locations, or capable of being immediately deployed via our logistics arm;
  • Ocean, land and air based logistical capabilities.

Asset Management Services and Capability

Our asset management services offer:


  • Program and schedule management, planning and scheduling services;
  • 24 hour hotline for our clients to report any urgent or non-urgent maintenance requirements;
  • A comprehensive inventory of tools and parts to maintain your equipment;
  • Provision of fuel;
  • Mobilization of personnel and equipment and fuel to the site (refer to logistics services);
  • Maintenance of generators and electrical equipment (specialising in telecommunications and solar);
  • Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to undertake asset management services

Telecommunications and ICT Services and Capability

Our telecommunications and ICT services offer:

  • Maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Preventative maintenance of power systems and ensuring automation of power;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of generators;
  • Refuelling by road, Boat and Chopper;
  • Preventative maintenance of wireless and transmission systems;
  • VSAT preventive maintenance;
  • Managed services;
  • Construction of telecommunications towers (RDS, SST, Grillage) and associated infrastructure (equipment rooms, fencing, aviation systems, grounding etc);
  • Installation of solar, generators, wind turbines and battery systems for telecommunications;
  • Installation of 2G, 3G, 4G wireless systems (5G is yet to reach PNG);
  • Installation of transmission systems up to 4.7 metre diameter microwaves over land and water;
  • Installation of VSAT equipment ( C-Band, KU-Band, O3B );
  • Trenching for Optic Fibre laying and splicing including construction of manholes and handholes;
  • Construction and installation of Fibre cable ( Sea cable) landing stations
  • Establish ICT link for customer;
  • Proficiency in Huawei, Ericsson and Aviat equipment.

Logistics and Shipping Services and Capability

Our logistics and shipping services offer:


  • Supply chain strategy and support;
  • Developing strategies for moving your equipment;
  • Passengers (scheduled and charter) for localities in West and East New Britain, New Ireland, Manus and Bougainville;
  • Cargo scheduled services in the Niugini Islands as well as specialised charters;
  • General cargo;
  • Building supplies;
  • Telecommunication towers and equipment;
  • Mining equipment for existing mine site operations and for exploration;
  • Helicopter slinging from vessel or staging points;
  • Fuel and oil;
  • Warehousing.


We can help you develop and implement strategies for moving your equipment safely and securely in PNG.

Energy (Solar and Off Grid Power Systems) Services and Capability

Our energy (solar and off grid power systems) services offer:

  • Advice on suitable solar system for your project;
  • Assist with procurement of solar system;
  • Installation of residential solar system;
  • Installation of commercial solar system;
  • Installation of solar system for community projects (schools, health clinics, hospitals, remote villages etc);
  • Installation of telecommunications solar system;
  • Installation of diesel generators, battery systems and automation;
  • Remote monitoring;
  • Maintenance of solar panels and systems;
  • Training on operations and maintenance of systems.

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