East New Britain Shipping and Marine Services

East New Britain Marine & Logistics Services

Our company is one of the leading providers of East New Britain shipping services, and we are proud of our reputation of being able to deliver top of the line marine and shipping services for the government, building, telecommunications and mining industries.

Shipping to East New Britain

Our East New Britain shipping & marine service caters to different clients, and while we specialize in cargo, we’re also more than capable of dealing with complex logistics, construction and maintenance.

Shipping from East New Britain

You can expect the same quality service when we ship from East New Britain. We know that marine services are often two-way and that equipment often needs to be moved in different locations, and that’s what we’re here to provide.

East New Britain Logistics

Our company has earned a solid reputation for sound logistics, and part of that service includes passengers for localities in both East and West New Britain, supplies provision, fuel and communications equipment maintenance. Whatever your marine logistics needs may be, we’re here to deliver.

East New Britain Cargo

Our cargo service includes a diverse fleet for handling various client requirements as well as the personnel to ensure those tasks are done properly. Through the years we have served a great many clients in East New Britain, testament to the manner which we handle cargo requirements.

East New Britain Telecommunications Towers

We also set up East New Britain mobile towers, and since 2008 have been in charge of the Digicel tower maintenance. We’re also responsible for the maintenance of literally hundreds of towers in the Western Province and Morobe, apart from other locations.

Maintenance of Telecommunication Towers at East New Britain

Our company excels in the service and maintenance of communications towers and under challenging circumstances. Our servicemen and personnel can also take care of the most complex problems and provide solutions.

Logistics and Construction of Telecommunication Towers at East New Britain

Our East New Britain communications service includes a comprehensive set of logistics and construction solutions including generator management, installation of electric equipment, emergency response and 24/7 on call service.

East New Britain Marine Services

Just like the rest of our PNG services, our East New Britain marine service covers all the essentials. Our fleet includes dumb barges, multi-purpose vessels, passenger and cargo vessels, landing crafts, quick response vessels and more. If you need any type of shipping service, we’re here to provide assistance.

East New Britain Towing & Salvage Services

We are also aware that a lot of endeavors require towing and salvage operations, and we’re more than capable of providing this service whenever you need them. With our fleet service you’re assured of getting the best tow or salvage service possible in East New Britain.

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The importance of shipping and other marine services in East New Britain cannot be emphasized enough, so if you want to stay a step ahead of the competition, contact us now and we’ll help you.