R & A Marine Services Limited (RAMS) is a privately owned company based in Papua New Guinea. The company supports clients through logistics and shipping, construction and maintenance services. We also provide ocean based passenger services.   Our clients include telecommunications, government, retail, wholesale, building, agriculture, oil, gas and mining industries and the public.   Our main operating locations are Rabaul in East New Britain, Kimbe in West New Britain, Kavieng, Namatanai and Lihir in New Ireland and Tabubil, Kiunga and Daru in Western Province.  

  • Kimbe
  • Rabaul
  • Kavieng
  • Namatanai
  • Lihir
  • Daru
  • Kiunga
  • Tabubil



The company was founded by the current Managing Director who has been involved in the shipping sector since the late 1960’s. The shipping operations grew into Papua New Guinea in the 1990’s. In 2004 the operations formally commenced servicing clients across PNG in its own name (as R&A Marine Services), delivering unique and innovative solutions for its customers.   Soon after the company expanded into telecommunications and is now one of the leading telecommunications contractors in PNG. Today, the company has achieved sustainable growth and now has the infrastructure, plant and equipment and management with a proven capability and track record to service a range of clients in Project Management, Logistics and Telecommunications in Papua New Guinea.



  • Be a leading provider of marine, road and air logistics, construction and telecommunication equipment maintenance and installation services in PNG by providing high quality services at fair prices.
  • Be the first choice for customers in our network area.
  • Act professionally and with integrity and honesty to our clients, suppliers, employees and associates.
  • Improve the quality of life for our workers and the PNG communities we operate in.
  • Be seen as innovative, adaptable and flexible to customers and their needs in the provision of our services.
  • Employ the best and brightest people.
  • Seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.

Our Services

Logistics & Shipping Operations

Our logistics/shipping operations offer:

  • Scheduled services
  • Freight, stevedoring, port handling solutions and wharf management
  • Supply chain strategy and support
  • Developing strategies for moving equipment
  • Passengers for localities in West and East New Britain and New Ireland
  • General cargo
  • Building supplies
  • Bulk Fuel and oil
  • Machinery and heavy equipment
  • Warehousing

Asset Maintenance Services

Our asset maintenance services (telecommunications and other related) offer:

  • Program management, planning and scheduling services
  • Asset management, planning and scheduling services
  • 24 hour hotline for our clients to report any urgent or non-urgent maintenance requirements
  • A comprehensive inventory of tools and parts to maintain your equipment
  • Provision of fuel that is also supported by our fuel stores in various locations.
  • Mobilization of personnel and equipment and fuel to the site (refer to logistics services)
  • Regular scheduled maintenance of generators and electrical equipment used for telecommunications and other related industries.
  • Regular scheduled maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure by experienced telecommunication engineers and riggers.
  • Procurement of spare parts from overseas when/if required

Project Management Services

Our project management services include:

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Design assistance and input
  • Risk management facilitation
  • Value management
  • Contract administration
  • Project commissioning and handover management

Project Delivery & Construction Services

Our project delivery and construction services offer:

  • Program and project management services
  • Coordination, engagement, stakeholder management and operational support
  • Mobilization of personnel and equipment to the site (refer to logistics services)
  • Local labour hire
  • Site surveys
  • Site clearance & levelling
  • Concrete foundation laying
  • Drainage
  • Trenching and running of cables
  • Construction of telecommunication towers and associated infrastructure
  • Installation of power, wireless, transmission and ICT equipment for telecommunications
  • Providing As-built documentation when required
  • Key turn-on solution


  Our clients include:  

  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Government
  • General Goods (Wholesale and Retail Customers)
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Resources Industry
  • Churches, Non for Profits and Research
  • Tourism Industry
  • General Public


  Our operations are underpinned and executed through:  

  • Our operating locations.
  • Our massive fleet of ships including landing crafts, vessels with helipads, multipurpose vessels, barges, fast response vessels and passenger vessels.
  • Our large fleet of vehicles (including for example trucks, light trucks and utilities, forklifts etc) to support land based services.
  • Our network of air, sea and land logistics providers especially support of heli operations.
  • Our office and maintenance locations, spread across PNG, allowing us to respond to any situation quicker than any competitor.


We employ around 300 permanent staff in Papua New Guinea. In addition we regularly commission a mix of casuals, fuel carriers (up to 3,000 people a month) and contractors to assist in our operations. We are proud of our people and their commitment to building and maintaining the infrastructure to underpin their own country’s success.   Within our organisation, we employ the following kinds of people:  

  • Management and business administration personnel.
  • Project managers and team leaders.
  • Technical officers and staff, from ship crews, to specialist telecommunications engineers, electricians, mechanics and riggers.
  • General staff who provide hands on outcomes, security solutions and any other gaps in our clients needs.

Our people include majority PNG nationals from all corners of the Country as well as expatriate personnel from Australia, Europe and the Asian continents. We are proud to be diverse in our nationalities and an equal opportunity employer in PNG.


 Our goal is to continue to be seen within local communities as a positive part of that community. Whilst R&A Marine Services is a company, we are made up of people from local and international communities. We all belong together and we must all remain committed to making the world a better place for both the current generation, our children and future generations. R&A Marine Services is proud to be working with clients to establish and maintain critical infrastructure which will enable remote communities and the community generally to gain access to medical assistance, food, employment opportunities and so on.   Other investments we have made and support to local communities include:  

  • Schooling and education direct funding
  • Charitable donations to local areas
  • Housing
  • Donations to churches
  • Hospital and medical support donations to both organisations and individuals
  • Employment of locals in their communities
  • Sporting facilities and sporting sponsorships for locals
  • Festivals and celebrations donations
  • Emergency response support to help and protect local communities
  • Supply of resources to local communities, including for example books and education material from Australia to PNG.


  Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are core to our business. By maintaining high standards for the health, safety and environmental management of our operations, we have an exemplary record of upholding the health and safety of our employees and the public and protecting the environment.   We aim to ensure our workers are sent home, in the same condition as they came to work through:  

  • Providing our employees with a safe working environment, safety related training and personal protective equipment
  • Continuously reducing workplace health and safety incidents and improve on the health and safety culture
  • Meeting the requirements of PNG Health and Safety Laws and adhere to our company HSE Plan

  We aim to deliver our operations in a sustainable manner and to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We do this through:  

  • Educate our employees on environmental management practices
  • Not cause unlawful environmental harm and to reduce environmental incidents (if any)
  • Meet the requirements of PNG Environmental Laws and adhere to our company HSE Plan

  We are committed to the development, implementation and review of our policies, procedures and manuals to obtain quality and consistent performance of our services.

Contact Us

West New Britain Bali Bridge Wharf PO Box 643 Kimbe W.N.B.P., PNG Phone (+675) 983 5178   info@ramarineservices.com

East New Britain Kokopo-Rabaul Rd, Raburua PO Box 2541 Kokopo E.N.B., PNG Phone (+675) 7114 4457   info@ramarineservices.com

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